Will AI driven drug discovery invoke Theranos 2.0?

November 2022

Welcome to all the new subscribers over the last 2 weeks! You can read my last article on Generative AI here. Stay up to date with Superfluid by…
Is Generative AI all hype?

October 2022

Diving deep into what being Venture scale means, and why this is even a question
The internet is driven by power laws - will it defeat the creator economy too?

September 2022

web3 comms solely run on centralised platforms. It's time we changed this
Livestream shopping shows are reskinned infomercials - will they be successful or a channel full of noise?

August 2022

ETH has reigned supreme for the last few years but will Aptos and Sui overthrow the king?
zk-rollups have tremendous potential to scale Ethereum for the masses, but this isn't possible without zkEVMs...

July 2022

Creating liquidity for NFTs unlocks a large amount of value for holders and might ignite the next cycle

June 2022

Web3 is all about decentralisation, so why do we rely on Twitter as our main source of information? Lens Protocol is changing this for the masses.

May 2022

Musicians are constantly screwed by large record labels, NFTs can fix this